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ExeMaster 1.0

ExeMaster 1.0: ExeMaster - choose phone applications to launch automatically. symbian os\s60 smartphones. it is the most simple way to automate functions that cause only headache for smartphone user. You have no reasons to worry anymore according being online in messanger, or miss somthing interesting in twitter, setup autostart for each application, you are using everyday and when next time you will need to restart your phone, all needed software will be started up on the phones boot. Main functionality: * specify application

NiceAlarm 1.7: NiceAlarm is outstanding alarm manager for S60 smartphones
NiceAlarm 1.7

NiceAlarm - the most powerful and easy-to-use Symbian OS alarm. Only with it you can select any music tone for every alarm you setup, specify deactivation code to avoid oversleeping, personalize iteration quantity and timeout, add alarm text notes, adjust notification and even more! Don`t miss this pretty wake up helper.

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AutoThemes 1.4: Make your mobile phone different from others with AutoThemes software
AutoThemes 1.4

software is fully compatible with the latest mobile phones Series 60.5: Nokia 5800 XpressMusic, Nokia N97 - Fixed small errors. Key Features: - Two types of rules for theme change: profile based and time based - Theme change performed smoothly and silently, without mobile reboot - Easy to use and friendly interface, easy rule creation - Fully compatible with the latest mobile phones Series 60.5 - Quick rule deactivation with only one key pressing

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AfterCall 1.0: AfterCall: send SMS or MMS messages exactly after the call
AfterCall 1.0

AfterCall is a convenient call, contacts and messages manager available right after the call. AfterCall application performs various actions after call ends. You can quickly send the SMS, MMS messages right after your call. Without unnecessary movements you can add number to your contact list or make a new note, calendar meeting or task. You can set the type of calls after which the software will be activated.

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LoudSpeaker 1.0: LoudSpeaker answers the call and turns on phone`s loudspeaker automatically
LoudSpeaker 1.0

LoudSpeaker application works as your car wireless hands free set without any additional hardware. After software installation you will be able to use it immediately instead of your Bluetooth Headset. LoudSpeaker answers your call automatically and turns on the Loudspeaker.The software is fully customizable. You can choose the profile, when the software should be activated and answer your incoming calls.

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BT Guard 2.2: BT Guard is auto turn off tool for your mobile; secures the BT and saves battery
BT Guard 2.2

Software is fully compatible with Series 60.5 mobile phones: Nokia 5800 Xpress Music, Nokia N97. BT Guard is security application for your mobile phone that guards your Bluetooth connection. You define after which time of being on, your Bluetooth should be set to Off or to Invisible. You also define if you want BT Guard to ask you about confirmation when turning off BT. When Bluetooth is off, your phone battery consumption will be reduced and the

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SmartComGPS for Nokia Series 60 1.02: New advanced GPS mapping/tracking/navigation software for Symbian smartphones.
SmartComGPS for Nokia Series 60 1.02

software for Symbian smartphones. It is one of most advanced GPS mapping software on the market. SmartComGPS designed for the all Symbian phones. It is compatible with external BT GPS receivers, and internal aGPS receiver of Motorola A920/925/1000. SmartComGPS can run without GPS receiver, as "mapping" software with namesearch ability, and on the contrary, without maps, as "GPS tracking" software. But, if you have a maps and GPS receiver - it is

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